UI/UX Project

HouseMate UI Mockup.png

HouseMate is a mobile app I designed to explore User Interface Design. The app is designed to help people find home repair and service providers without the hassle of sifting through recommendations and other parties to help them decide who might be the best option. Its core purpose is to make well-reviewed service providers more accessible to users. Try it out here via Marvel App.

Using Adobe Illustrator, and later, Sketch, I tried 3 different visual iterations of HouseMate, and briefly interviewed users for feedback. Information they gave me through using HouseMate on the Marvel app directed me towards a more minimal user experience. Concurrently, I made use of a trial of UserTesting.com to have 3 users test the app Takl. The most similar concept on the app store. Their feedback provided me insight on what, at the very least, not to do.

HouseMate HomePage Progression_02.png

Grand Canyon Spirits

Grand Canyon Spirits is the result of a logo commission for a new liquor & convenience store in northern Arizona. The goal was to establish a brand under new ownership as well as underline contrast at a high traffic intersection.

GCS Logo new textured 2-01.png

The logo was Inspired by popular whiskey labels. T-shirts, from workwear inspired graphic design.

GCS outside progress edit.jpg
FINAL GCS T-Shirt Mock-Up Front Back.jpg
GCS MoneyInMailAd_February-05.png

The Toasted Owl

My work for Crimson Partners includes a lot of web and mailer based graphic design. For Money in the Mail, a monthly coupon mailer, I designed an advertisement for The Toasted Owl Cafe to stand out on its pages. My design process incorporated an idea of graphic engagment for the reader that remained true to the Toasted Owl brand.

As always, I started with a pen and paper. I iterated on a couple versions of the ad before I settled on a final layout. I worked in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator to visualize colors and typefaces.

September Issue

September Issue

October Issue

October Issue

December Issue

December Issue

TTO MoneyInMail Ad_January-02.png
TTO MoneyInMail Ad_2_February-03.png